Migration: Constitution gives room for movement – Barr. Adjeh

Migration: Constitution gives room for movement – Barr. Adjeh

Migration: Constitution gives room for movement – Barr. Adjeh

In some developing countries, traveling abroad is becoming a norm. Some travel for study, work or vacation. However, it gives one the opportunity to see more of the world. When abroad, you could take trips to your new neighbouring countries, to broaden your experience even further. Travelling to a new country is exciting to some people.

Moreso, many employers value international experience, as one develop many new skills including language skills, independence, knowledge of a new culture, and a willingness to learn. Also, other factors are: bad governance, unemployment, unfavourable working conditions, insecurity amongst other factors.

To this end, the GreenLand News had a Media chat with Monday Adjeh, the immediate past Chairman NBA Bwari Branch, regarding this current issue in the society. He unearths that the constitution gives individual freedom of choice.
According to him, “brain drain and japa syndrome is a personal choice. the constitution gives room for movement. You can have a choice of movement in one place or the other”.

Barr. Monday who advised those traveling outside the country to follow due process, also urged them not to put their lives at risk because they want to cross over. the moment you lose your life, how will you cross over. we must learn how to do things in a proper legal and normal way so that everything will work well for us.”

Barr. Monday further said “there is nothing wrong to travel oversea, but do it legitimately. It should not be at the risk of one’s life because of desperation. Things will get better, those who want to travel should follow the normal route to crossover to where they are going and not illegal desert, sea and others. many people have lost there life as a result of this.”

“The economic situation is not friendly, the masses and the rich are crying
If nothing is done urgently we may find our selves in a serious mess as a nation and crime will increase. He charged the government to do the the needful to curtail such situation.”

In the same vein, he advised parents in regards to the current inflation and economic realities.

In his words:
“in the current situation we find ourselves, this is the time we should have a sober reflection of our past, present and future. It is not a time to be extravagant because the economic situation is telling on everyone. I will advise parents to act within a reasonable limit so that we do not go outside our financial scope and strength and in few months after the festive period we will not fall back on regret”. Barr. Monday said.


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