By Ogiri Genesis

In a prestigious event held at the renowned National Merits Award House Maitama Abuja, Ambassador Eghonghon Ogbeide the Co- Founder, I-Dreams World Foundation, Managing Partner Star Sapphire Academy, emerged as the recipient of the highly coveted “Most Outstanding Peace Ambassador of the Year Award” at the 1000 Peace Ambassador of Nigeria 2023 .

The event witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, who were also honored for their significant contributions to society.

The 1000 Peace Ambassador of Nigeria 2023 Award of Excellence is an esteemed recognition platform that celebrates individuals and organizations across various sectors for their exceptional achievements and positive impact on the Nation. The organizers meticulously select awardees based on their outstanding accomplishments, commitment to excellence, and efforts towards nation-building.

Amb. Eghonghon Ogbeide is known for her relentless efforts in promoting peace and harmony, she has played a pivotal role in fostering unity among diverse communities in Edo State. Her exceptional leadership skills, coupled with her unwavering commitment to digital skills acquisition training, youths empowerment and Entrepreneurship development , have earned her this prestigious accolade.

Amb.Eghonghon Ogbeide tireless dedication to peace-building initiatives and her instrumental role in Mentoring young ones for self-reliance have garnered widespread recognition and admiration.

The ceremony witnessed a gathering of eminent personalities from various sectors, including government officials, business leaders, and renowned individuals, all eager to acknowledge and applaud the recipients of the 1000 Peace Ambassador of Nigeria 2023 Award .

The event showcased the power of collective efforts and celebrated individuals who have made a significant difference in their respective fields.

The 1000 Peace Ambassador of Nigeria 2023 Award of Excellence served as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and honoring those who have dedicated their lives to serving others and promoting the betterment of society.

In her acceptance speech, Ambassador Eghonghon Ogbeide expressed gratitude for the recognition and she dedicated the award to God Almighty and her Family.

She went further to emphasize the importance of peace-building as an instrument for economic transformation and development, calling on all Nigerians to work together towards a harmonious and prosperous future for the nation.

She is a recipient of numerous awards for leadership and quality humanitarian services, through which she has championed many advocacy and mentorship programmes across the country

Amb. Eghonghon Ogbeide expressed satisfaction especially with the fact that everything was done with professionalism based strictly on merit and verifiable performance.

” Sometimes when you are focused in your pursuit, you may not know those who are observing until you receive interesting commendations and awards like this from reputable Organization.

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