NGO moves against Drug Abuse


NGO moves against Drug Abuse

As Nigeria join the rest of the world to commemorate World mental health Day,A non -Governmental organization,Allman Global services has stressed the need for concerted efforts among government at all levels and civil society gtoups aimed at curbing the menace of drug abuse in the country.

The Executive director of Allman global services and founder Hope Aglow Charity foundation, Dr Cynthia Obiorah made the call at a forum organized by the organizations to mark the day in Port Harcourt.

Dr.Obiorah said mental health is universal human right thus the need for all hands to be on deck towards effective preventive measures to curb the scourge of drug abuse .

“World mental day must be reckoned with and taken seriously,it is something that touches everyone be you man,woman,youth ,young adult”

She emphasises the necessity of assuring that everyone, regardless of age,sex, race, socioeconomic, class, or background should have access to high-quality mental health care and support.

“It is a war we can fight and win together,war against alcohol, drug abuse among other substance that leads one to mental health ”

Dr Obiorah reiterates commitment of the organization in collaborating other NGO of like minds towards aggressive advocacy of drug abuse across the country.

The forum organized by the organization in partnership with NDLEA led by Stella Maris of WADA

Theme of this years world mental health day is ‘mental health is a universal human right ”

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