As Kogi State Citizens look forward to electing the next Governor, supporters of the All Progressives Congress APC across the State and beyond have continued to canvass for more support for the candidature of Ahmed Usman Ododo and his running mate, Joel Salifu Oyibo.

In Abuja, the Avoyi Team For Ododo has visited Ebira dominated areas to seek their support and votes for Ododo ahead of the November 11th, 2023 Election.

In their various reactions, elders of the Communities commended Governor Yahaya Bello for the transformation of the State and many infrastructures delivered to the people including the establishment of Universities in the Central and Western Senatorial Districts to level up with the one in the Eastern flank.

They said among many that gladden their hearts is the construction of the first flyover bridge in the city of Lokoja and also commended the State government for building the world’s best hospital in Okene and its prototypes across the three senatorial districts.

They pointed out that security challenge has drastically reduced across the State and assured of their full support of the Ododo agenda.

Leaders of the Avoyi Team for Ododo in Abuja, Muritala Sheidu (ANDAS) and Aliyu Musa who visited Kabusa, Galadimawa and Lokogoma Areas in Abuja and assured Kogites that Ahmed Usman Ododo will not only continue where the present administration will stop but will surpass the good works already established.

Muritala promised that the APC Governorship candidate will make sure the citizens of the State who stays in Abuja are carried along, urging those who have their PVCs registered outside Kogi to transfer to the State to enable them vote appropriately.

He also advised those who already had theirs registered in Kogi to begin to make plans to be in the Confluence State on or few days before November 11th, noting that plans are on to convey them home to perform their franchise.

On the part of Aliyu, he strongly believes that Usman Ododo is a rewarder of those who work in one accord to deliver their wards and Polling Unit for the APC.

“I urged all of you to go back to your ward, polling unit, familiarise with your leaders so that you can hold them responsible if any promises made by our incoming Governor, Usman Ododo fails” he added.

Some frown on the negligence of some Leaders who dumped electorate after elections, saying that they don’t want to continue to work like bamboo and monkey will continue to benefit.

They urged the Leader of Avoyi Team 4 Ododo, who also doubles as the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Electronic Media, Hon. Avoyi Nwogu to inform Ododo of their challenge which was tied to the hardship orchestrated by the removal of PMS subsidy.

They seek the movement of the electorate from Abuja to Okene a day to election as palliative to reduce the burden of paying high cost for transportation.

The Avoyi Team 4 Ododo is a political support group for the election of the next Governor of Kogi State.

It has its members spread across the State and local government areas, Abuja and Delta State with a motive of canvassing for more supporters that will vote in favour of the Kogi APC Governorship Candidate, Ahmed Usman Ododo on November 11th, 2023.