With utter shock, amazement and disappointment, I read the write up from a self-acclaimed Patriotic Youth from Kumo in Gombe State which I decided to personally respond in a view to educate the ignorant or the gullible. The script is not only baseless and misleading, but its malicious, inciting and a deliberate campaign of calumny aimed at nothing but the total annihilation of the sincere contributions of Her Excellency Hajiya Dr Hajara Ibrahim Salim the Nigerian High Commissioner to Malaysia. And for cheap popularity and expectation of material values to be awarded, the write up was aimed to present Her excellency in a bad colour before well-meaning Nigerian elites, the vulnerable Youths in Kumo, Gombe and Northeast Nigeria at large. And of-course is to display her before the President of Nigeria, His Excellency Sen Bola Ahmed Tinubu as undeserving.

The write up of Adamu Umar dated 4th July 2023 which has been in circulation on social media reads as quoted word for word below,
“As Nigerians continue to see the line of cabinets president Tinubu will present to the national assembly for screening and subsequent confirmation for various opportunities at the federal level especially the ministerial position that remain the juiciest dram place for easy accumulation of wealth through proxy and other deceptive techniques, the group of concerned patriots youth in Gombe under the umbrella of Yiwa kai Development Organization, appeal to president of Nigeria, Mr. Tinubu not to consider the sleepless pretender Dr. Hajara  Ibrahim Salim, the incumbent envoy to Malaysia.
The appeal was made over the weekend send to this medium by the Chairman of the Forum Adamu Umar Kumo, opined that, Gombe state contributed significantly to the coming of Tinubu to power hoping that competent would be consider to represent its people at the national level not a chameleon pretender Dr. Hajara who wasted years of misrepresentation to Nigeria not even the Kumo she held from.
Comrade Umar, further said “we are aware of her movement from length and breadth of Abuja now after accumulating wealth of Nigerians in Malaysia whose image has drastically fall to the lowest ebb during her stewardship and the lackadaisical attitude, she’s displaying outside Nigeria than protecting the interest   of the country, until the recent victory of the APC which is she hobnobbing for ministerial slot”.
It may amaze president Tinubu to know that, “Dr Hajara neither visits Kumo nor Gombe since her appointment as envoy to Malaysia despite enjoying the state’ slot at the federal level, in fact, she is suffering from catastrophic political dyslexia, that is why she is fooling herself with same deceptive mechanism trying to convince the first lady of Nigeria, Her Excellency, Senator Remi Tinubu to support her single benefitted ambition based on gender equity at the peril of Gombe”. We can swear with the holy book “Dr Hajara Ibrahim Salim id not in anywhere supported the victory lof APC in the last general elections, instead she supported the PDP based on privy collateral until now she wants to leapfrog competent people of Gombe”.
Umar, urged relevant stake holders to join force with them to stop the busy-body canary from clinching further federal slot in the Tinubu’s Government, because she don’t know her APC’s Local government chairman name not to talk of the secretariat or the party structure she condemned several times as Gormless………..”
Addressing this matter in defense of Her Excellency Dr Hajara Ibrahim Salim, I wish to state unequivocally that, the writer or the so-called patriotic youth who do not resemble anything patriotic are narrowed in their thinking and corrupted in their perception which reveals that, despite having Ambassador Dr. Hajara as their kinswoman, they do not truly know her well hence they are quick to be used to play some local politics for the sake of temporal gains.
The ignorance displayed by the unpatriotic youths undermines clear facts on record and further reveals how ungrateful certain section of the society could display such ignorance when used by political rivals to achieve ulterior motives.
What has this innocent woman in career service did to deserve these-heap of insults from mean youths? This leaves one with the question in mind if they were rather sent by someone with limited knowledge about Her Excellency. Furthermore, Were they expecting the Ambassador in career service to steal money and share as some reckless people do to mislead the idle youths? How much is the salary of a High Commissioner to begin with? A High Commissioner or federal Commissioners are just names without substance. They are just like the ranks of a deputy Director or a Director depending on the appointment.
After revealing the status of a High Commissioner, I am compelled to address their ignorance as follows.
Ambassador Dr Hajara Ibrahim does not manufacture money in Malaysia to share to people to impress on them that she has money or she is foreign commissioner. Such crop of people and their representatives are not well informed and want to be in the frontlines of leadership.
The Ambassador, like any other Director back home has used the little opportunity and time accorded to her to transform her office in Malaysia to make things easy for Nigerian citizens over there as her primary assignment and not Kumo, Gombe or anywhere else. This is evident by the publication from Malaysia I stumbled upon it on social media dated back to 7th June 2022 By Bosede Edwards which I want to state here in summary. She stated that, “Passport renewal now is made so simple as ABC”. She also pointed in her publication that, letters or correspondences of all magnitude are responded within 48hours which relieved many from the burdens of waiting days or even months without attention.” And finally, she called on other High Commissioners to emulate the kind of leadership life style of maintaining quality career service exhibited by Ambassador Dr Hajara Ibrahim Salim. (This is an attestation from a Nigerian (not an indigene of Gombe State nor Northeast Nigeria, but Nigerian living in diaspora) watching the ambassador do her job faithfully with results. This made my job of defense so easier because an attestation from where you serve should carry more weight than a malicious attestation from a day dreamer who doesn’t have understanding on career services roles, requirements and expectations.
To debunked the false publication by the so-called patriotic youths that Ambassador Dr Hajara did not campaigned or worked for Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu during the last election that brought home his massive victory is not only laughable but ridiculous and perturbing. This cheap campaign of calumny has not passed the test to be accepted as an information to ponder upon the second time hence my quick reaction to save the innocent that might be pushed to feed on this baseless piece that only represents self-conceited greed and ungratefulness. To further Narrow her campaign activities to Kumo alone is to undermined the trust given to her by the APC to take a role as a member of Tinubu campaign Council (PCC). This innocent woman was in every campaign rally of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu her since returned from Malaysia in the early days of President campaign rallies last year. As a member of the Presidential Campaign Council, were they expecting her to abandoned the Presidential rallies staged by her principal to come and stay home in Kumo on her return from Malaysia? This cheap blackmail needs to be called to order. Besides following up the rallies of BAT/SHET, she also organized rallies in Northeast under the aegis of Northeast Frontiers for BAT/SHET in support of her principal which were well coordinated on her behalf since she cannot divide her-self to be everywhere at the same time. How many such resourceful politicians back home conducted such rallies in their domains in support of their principals? What further evidence does one wants to believe that the purported write up is locally masterminded to destroy her image. To buttress more on her campaigns in the Northeast region of Nigeria, I personally featured in most of the rallies she sponsored in Northeast as a Special Guest Speaker to which am aware most meetings were held in Gombe International Hotel. All in records and can be verified.
The Ambassador took ill after the Presidential Elections and was flown to Abuja. A reasonable mind will attest that her illness is as a result of an accumulated stress from the tedious presidential campaign rallies she was committed to. While recuperating in Abuja, trouble loomed in Malaysia with the arrest of over 187 Nigerians who got involved in a post-election violence. She was summoned to retuned to Malaysia to handle the matter to douse tension if not all detained Nigerians will remain under detention. With her condition she had to leave for Malaysia. What a sacrifice? Her worry leaving back to Malaysia was the vacuum her absence will create during the Gubernatorial election and how some people will mis-interpret things. That gave me opportunity to share the dream I had concerning the Gombe state Gubernatorial elections I had previous night Tuesday. “In my dream. In the dream I saw myself with the incumbent Governor who asked me what he would do to win the election that was coming on Saturday? In the dream I gave him my candid advise and woke.” She asked me the implication of the dream. I told her Governor Inuwa is winning the election. The dream was similar to the one I had concerning President Bola Ahmed Tinubu three days to presidential election. In my troubled some dream that night at the end Tinubu was declared winner and I woke. which I shared with well-meaning Nigerians and friends about Tinubu winning the election. My dream and its interpretation gave her some relief and removed fears and doubts about the Gubernatorial elections coming in few days. Same Wednesday I shared the dream, she took her flight to Malaysia and on Sunday the results were out and Inuwa was declared the winner. Is this the person to libel as not committed to APCs victory at National and State? its very sad and its time we bring our sincere eyes to the front to see things the way they are.

I think if anyone deserves a tip from Tinubu it should be this Dr Hajara Ibrahim Salim who as a career servant in diaspora committed her meager resources to add value to the victory of APC both at National and State. We witnessed it and participated in her struggles.

It is high time we learn to appreciate those little efforts done by others in a bid to add value to development in the society. They may not do much considering the resources available to them but for the heart of gold they have towards humanity they deserve our supports and rapport.

I am using this medium to call on His Excellency Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu, APC leaders and all concerned well meaning Nigerians to shove the inciteful comments and remember where Dr Hajara started from so all could see reason to condemn every maliciousness directed at her.

Her past still speaks for her. Let’s appreciate her for the marks she left on the sands of time and encourage her to do more.

Dr Hajara was a lecturer in 1980 at staff Development Center Azare
She was a Committee Clerk and Acting Clerk Bauchi State House of assembly between 1990-1993
She was secretary logistics during the constitutional conference in Abuja between 1994-1996
She became the first and only female to become Chairman of Gombe Municipal council and later became the first clerk of Gombe state House of Assembly all between 1996-2000
She was in the House of representative and retired as Director Chambers and head of table Department of the Federal House of Representative in 2014 where she finally joined politics.
Her involvement in politics led to her current appointment as High Commissioner.
Beside her career services, Dr Hajara is truly a mother with a heart of gold she is fondly called Maman Marayu meaning the mother of orpahns. Currently running many NGOs and with an Orphanage which accommodates over 25 orphans and not less than 200 other children that are fully funded to get education. She provided scholarships to students in tertiary institutions just to mention a few. Are these pointers not enough to stand with Her excellency in her struggles towards humanity?
In a representation on her behalf as a Chairman during World Press Freedom Day 2023 in Abuja organized by Greenland Magazine, a team of Journalist interviewed me …. One asked, “what is the contribution of Ambassador Hajara Ibrahim Salim to Nigeria from Malaysia?” I answered without mixing words, that, “We are grateful to God Almighty for her efforts in orchestrating the establishment of Lincoln University In Kumo of Gombe state where youths will get added value in education.” Furthermore, she has finished arrangement for some agricultural benefits that will affect famers in Gombe state and Northeast. If she doesn’t have money to give in the streets is her talents, potentials not enough for us to celebrate her for what she so far achieved for the community?
We can always distort the truth but we cannot always hide the facts.
This is a call to ignore some malicious political preachers whose minds are corrupted with material gains from misleading political rivals. And equally to advise these mischievous propagandist to decease from stepping on toes they shouldn’t.

David Morondiya Aiye Writing from Abuja Nigeria

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