By: Marian Okpe Abuja

The Vice President Upstream of the NNPC, Engr. Adoyike Tombomieye FNSE has laid his mother who died recently to rest.

In accordance with the scripture, Joseph buried Jacob in the manner Issac and Ishmael buried Abraham in the land of Cana; Engr Adoyike laid his mother to rest on Saturday 10th Dec. 2022 at his home country Bille, Degema Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The occasion was graced by eminent personalities, such as former Head of state and President of Nigeria, Gen. Olusegun Mathew Obasanjo, former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebere Jonathan, ex-governors, top politicians, government functionaries, as well as captains of industries.

More so, Nollywood actors and actress, Nigerian Music super stars etc, were present in solidarity with Engr. Adokiye on the occasion of his mother’s burial.

Late mummy Tanunomiete Abite Tombomieye was survived by children, grand children and great grand children. Mummy Abite was a philanthropist to the core and she was down to earth loving. She was humble and dedicated to the service of God. She spent the greater part of her life dedicated to education especially that of the girl child which she sees as a veritable means of transforming communities across Niger Deltas. Mummy passed on to glory at the age of 85 years.



Actress Ibinabo Fibereoma
Actress Ibinabo Fibereoma

Speaking to A. M News and Attraction Magazine at the occasion, a top Nollywood Actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima, she said, “I have come to honour Engr. Adoyike on his mother’s burial. He is a philanthropist, has encouraged women in Rivers State, especially in Bille community and has sponsored the girl child education up to university level. “Adoyike is a good man, May God continue to bless him.

Ibinabo added that ” Adoyike mother has instilled her legacy in him. We thank God for him. Losing a mother is not an easy thing though. May God give him the fortitude to bear the loss. I wish everyone, including the politicians in Nigeria can emulate Adoyike because it pays to be good.

In another development, Hon. Romeo I. Romeo sent condolences to Adoyike and the entire family, saying “may God give them the fortitude to bear the loss, more so God should replenish the pockets of those that have contributed one way or the other to make the occasion a huge success. I charge every mother to emulate Mama Tamunomiete, the discipline and educational prowess she has instilled in the children, have not departed from them and they can stand the test of time”

Hon. Rimeo said ” Mama was so compassionate and hospitable, Adoyike adapted the same and he has been touching lives, transforming the entire community in Niger Delta and Nigeria at large”

 Hon. Benjamin Ebenigwe
Hon. Engr, Benjamine Ebenigwe

Hon. Engr, Benjamine Ebenigwe, ” Adoyike is a man to reckon with, he has the interest of the community at heart, especially Bille Kingdom, he is just like his mother, she has done so much for the community, she contributed a lot in service to God and humanity. ” I want Adoyike to know that it is God that gives, he is the one that takes, we just thank his life ”


Mrs. K. A. Dame, Manager in NNPC

Mrs. K. A. Dame is a manager in NNPC and she said: “I wish mama a peaceful rest in the bosom of the Lord. Mama has a very sweet soul to associate with and she gave birth to a son that is like a rallying point to everyone. We are proud to be associated with Adoyike. It doesn’t matter where we all came from; the most important thing is that we are here to lay mama to rest. God grant Adoyike and the entire family the fortitude to bear the loss because mama is irreplaceable and no one can fill her vacuum.


Arc. Ipalibo West

Arc. Ipalibo West, National President Enitona Old Students Association, HOD Archtecture, Elechi Amadi Polytechnic. “God has used mama to give us a very wonderful personality in Niger Delta. Imagine the calibre of people present at the occasion just for one man that mama has produced for the society. We console with him, he should bear in mind that death is inevitable.


Amb. Kennedy Tonjo West

The National President, Movement For the Survival of Ijaw Ethnic Nationality in the Niger Delta ( MOSIEIND), Amb. Kennedy Tonjo West, said “The glorious transition of our beloved mother, mummy Tamunomiete, Abite Tombomieye is a great loss, she was a humanitarian by attitude and character, who hates to see people suffer. Like his mother, Adoyike can sacrifice the little he has in order to ensure that the indigents goes to school and his community developed.

Amb. West added that, Wherever Engr. Adoyike goes, he touches lives. “What we have witnessed here from Wednesday to Sunday was a garment of good will, from all works of life, Nigeria was in Bille, the former president of Nigeria, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo described Adoyike as a humble and industrious man of repute,.” We as a group, we are here to reckon with him because of the mentorship he has provided to us in the past, he is a member of several organization, some of which came to give him an award. Amb Tonjo further stated that, the burial of mama Abite is a unifying factor for the Niger Deltas because every community was represented at the occasion which signifies peaceful coexistence and unity in the Niger Delta, ‘”contrast to what is been portrayed about the Niger Delta that it is divided, with these, I am hopeful that the future of Niger Delta is promising.

West opined that “Bille hasn’t witnessed this kind of crowd in burial before, as people trooped in their thousands to honour one man. Adoyike’s mother is an extra ordinary woman, she has touched lifes of so many people both Adoyike’s colleagues and school mates”

Amb. West emphasized that Bille is a major oil producing community in Degema Local Government, but there is no government presence here. “Every social amenity you see is the community’s efforts, in spite of the contributions to the economic growth of the country. “No Road nor electricity in Bille, the town has always been captured from very wrong perspectives, with regards to militancy and oil bunkering but thank God, Nigerians who came to Bille have seen that it is all false allegations. Nigerians were in Bille from Wednesday to Sunday, and there was no case of violence anywhere. Rather, the people are agitating for equity, fairness and justice. The issue of pointing to the Niger Delta as red zone must stop. If Bille can have this kind of relative peace, then urgent attention should be given to it and the entire Niger Deltas.


Engr. Adoyike Tombomieye is a graduate of Chemical Engineer from the Rivers State University of Science & Technology, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. He is a fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSCHE).

He possesses 30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry spanning through Operations, Engineering, Project Management and Commercial Business Management. Adokiye ‘s experience in these areas is highly evidenced in the trajectory of progressively attaining positions.

He commenced his career in 1991 at Eleme Petrochemical Company Limited (EPCL) as a Production Engineer where he made outstanding contributions to the operations of the Polyethylene Plant for about 14 years.

Almost a decade into his NNPC career, he was appointed as the Acting Deputy Manager of Polyethylene/Butene 1 Plant in recognition of his excellent performance. He excelled during the Performance Guarantee Test (P.G.T) using the modified Reactor Agitator as this feat was achieved despite the reduction of the Technical back-up staff (TBS) by ninety percent.

Following EPGL, he was deployed to Brass LNG where he further gained vast experience of over 10 years in Brass LGN Limited by providing technical support to the Gas and Power Distribution before he attained the position of a manager.

In 2015 , Adoyike was appointed the General Manager, Commercial in the Crude Oil Marketing Division (COMD), which transitioned his career to the Upstream sector of the Industry. His competence, loyalty and dedication to NNPC paved the way for his promotion to the Group General Manager (GGM) in 2019.

In 2020, the President and Commander in-Chief appointed him as the Chief Operating Officer, Upstream. He is currently championing the industry’s objective towards reducing cost and improving revenue for the corporation. Over the years, he attended several technical and management courses from prestigious institutions both locally and internationally.

His penchant for coaching and mentoring people has positively impacted many stakeholders across the Oil and Gas Industry.

He also served on the board of various subsidiaries within the corporation such as NPDC, PPMC, Retail, Oil and NIDAS, where he made significant contributions to board discussions. Adoyike is hardworking, honest, dependable and committed to the growth of NNPC. He is a loving Husband and Father.

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