Confluence Radio FM 94.1 is back on Air

Confluence Radio FM 94.1 is back on Air



Special appreciation to His Excellency for his personal and relentless interventions to make this a reality. He didn’t get the normal transmitters for the state. He got the best in the industry right now for Confluence Radio.

When everything seemed gloomy, he stepped in again powerfully to make sure we are back on Air.

The transmitters arrived yesterday and installation started last night on Mount Patti and we are up. Your Excellency, you are the hero of this REBOUND. We are grateful sir.

I also appreciate His Excellency, the Deputy Governor for his concern and support. Adupe sir.

I also appreciate our Finance Team as well as the SSG, CoS and all Government Officials for making this a possibility. We are grateful.

We are back to serve our people better and compete once again on the field of broadcasting.

The message is from our Commissioner for info and communications, Kingsley Fanwo.