Mediators call for women involvement in mediation skills.

Mediators call for women involvement in mediation skills.



Three C’s Met Mediators in conjunction with Centre for Peer Mediation and Peace building awards certificate to those who have been trained in Peer Mediation Skills recently in Abuja.

The purpose is to show the benefits of introducing peer mediation programmes in the school system for pupils from 7 years and above. Peer Mediation has prove to be a good way to help overcome barriers of ethnicity, culture or heated emotion.
Briefing the Newsmen on the occasion, Barr. Chijioke Nnanna Ibeku, Founder/ Principal Partner, Member Faculty Advisory Board, Fellow at Institutes Certified mediator and Author, calls on women to acquire mediation skills to resolve conflict in their families and society at large.


Barr. Nnanna said women play crucial roles in the society. According to him, “we need to take it a step further to have them involved in what you do outside. If you can manage children you can see how you go a long way managing other issues that comes from outside. Women are really equipped naturally to handle this issues. So it is necessary to have them. I have women who are part of my team; they are so involved, passionate and committed.”
“I have a lot of them in my team. I hope women should be encouraged to join in what we are doing to make it a better place in the world.”

In his contribution, Patrick Mcphilamy said that the event is very important because it is aimed at educating young people from different culture, tribe and gives them opportunity to learn different skills in mediation, relationships and how to resolve conflict. How to communicate with people and restore relationships.
Stressing that these skills are important skills individuals should acquire in a lifetime. It present outstanding opportunity for young women to get involved in conflict resolution from family level. Women are integral part of the society. They educate children from birth to primary to tertiary institution. It gives them a chance to acquire communication skills, skills to help young people from all ago group. And conflict resolution skills help different age group. Patrick said.


Also, Margaret Chijioke Ibeku, Programme Coordinator, said the institute is bringing peer mediation and conflict resolution skills to schools. They started with the FCT as pilot State. The government partnered with the institute and gave them access to government primary and junior secondary schools.
Today they started with some selected schools. These children have been trained for the past 6months to become peer mediators.
She maintained that peer Mediation is very important in Nigeria and Africa at large. The best way to bring a positive change is to go back to the drawing board. She said.
Margaret who said that we should go back to our children so that we will effect a generational change where people no more see conflict as the best way to resolve issues; also said that it is always better to dialogue, find a middle ground for bringing a positive change.

The Institute Certifies children as Peer Mediators and they are the pioneers of this programme in Africa ,Asia and some parts of South America.
They also certify as Mediators, Participants who registered with our institute.