NIGERIA WILL NOT BREAK says Pressbyte Ikechukwu Azone

NIGERIA WILL NOT BREAK says Pressbyte Ikechukwu Azone


Rev. Noble Ikechukwu Azone

Very Rev. Ikechukwu Azone is the current presbyter, Methodist Cathedral of Unity Church, Wuse, Abuja.

While interacting with a team of journalists during a courtesy visit paid to his office by the media team, Rev Noble Ikechukwu Azone noted that a presbyter was an administrative officer who oversees a minimum of 4 local churches and team of officers within the local churches.

Rev Noble Ikechukwu appreciates God for the establishment and sustainability of Methodist churches so far in Nigeria, adding that the alter of Methodist Church was the oldest of all other christian alters in Nigeria.

He further stated that the Methodist Church just clocked 180 years of it’s existence in Nigeria, saying that God has been faithful and awesome to the church and the worshippers.

When asked about his ability to manage the challenges of the office in terms of the human relations, Rev Noble Azone, noted that God do not call a man without responsibility, ability,vision and above all the grace to find solutions to issues around him.

He said: “The bible says the arm of flesh will fail a man but if you trust the Lord, you must surely prevail.our trust is in the Lord. the work of God is place on our hands as far as the work of cathedral of unity is concerned”.

Rev. Noble Ikechukwu maintained that Nigeria was a good country, adding that he believed so much in Nigeria, and that there would be light at the end of the tunnel no matter the challenges temporary faces the country now.

He urges Nigerians to keep praying to God in order to give us the country we all desired, saying that Nigeria would not break but would always stands firmly as one entity and together we would make it work.

By Clement Edards. B.

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