The attention of the Member representing Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives,Rt.Hon.(Dr.)Yusuf Buba Yakub has been drawn to media reports,which have continued to make the rounds since yesterday,on the purported impeachment of the Adamawa State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress ( APC), Alh. Ibrahim Bilal,by some members of the State Executive of the Party in the State.

While noting that the crisis in the State Executive of the Party is ill-timed and possesses the propensity to derail the agenda and strategy of the Party for the forthcoming General Elections,Rt. Hon.Buba says whatever disagreements or crisis arising from the State Executive Committee of the Party in the State at a time the 2023 General Elections are less than six months away can only mean an evil design for the failure of the Party in a State where the Party has continued to suffer the negative pangs of opposition in the last three years in spite of its popularity.

Rep.Buba also wishes to remind members of the State Executive that the loss of the State to the ruling PDP in the 2019 General Elections was a direct consequence of the internal crises and the gale of disagreements in which the APC was engulfed in the months leading to the General Elections of that year. He appeals with members of the State Executive to concentrate on the challenges ahead of the Party in the forthcoming elections and never to give in to any form of distractions at this critical time when cohesion, group harmony, collective commitment to progress and peace should define their every move.

The Member advises all warring factions in the State Executive and among all stakeholders of the Party across the State to avail themselves of the opportunity presented by the current situation in the Party to close ranks and seek internal resolution of all astounding conflicts. While noting that conflicts occur naturally from time to time in the relationship of man and his kind in groups,the lawmaker says such conflicts must not be allowed to degenerate in a manner that could scuttle the common interests of such a group, adding that any house that stands against itself will definitely fall.

Finally,the Gombi/Hong Rep commends all stakeholders of the APC in Adamawa State for the peace and harmony that have continued to trail the activities of the Party across the State.He urges members of the Party to continue to maintain their support for all the candidates of the Party in the next year’s General Elections and to appeal for understanding and calm in all levels of the Party Executive across the State.

*Nkem Anyata-Lafia*
Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs to the Lawmaker
*Tuesday,September 6,2022*