Tinubu is our hero of democracy, responsive governance- By Dr. Matthew O. Adepoju



Citizenship participation is the bedrock of good governance and democratic freedom. We are set to provide people oriented and responsive platform where burning issues and promotion of our candidates at all levels is paramount to all.

Nigeria is at the crossroads (point of make or destroy). After careful assessment of all prospective and realistic choices we have ahead of us. The choice of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s as the incoming president was not arrived at, as an easy option but his plans in the areas of policy formulation and implementation, institutional and administrative reforms, political sagacity and bringing creative teams together to achieve great results stood him out of others.

Time for the truth!!!!!!
Going by my professional calling (Urban and Regional Planning), the most important thing in city state administration is the robustness of your master plan. The 50 years development plan put in place by Bola Ahmed Tinubu is what’s responsible for the successful administration’s sterling performance coupled with financial re-engineering of a genius in making Lagos to be self-reliant with giant capital projects. Laying down solid foundation for skyscraper is much more important than the cosmetic finishing!!!!

Have you asked yourself a decent question about the nature or type of development going on in Niger Delta with the massive 12.5% extra cool cash going to that region???. That’s why we are clamouring for ‘Special Status’ for Lagos State. You guys are quick to talk about 10% operational and administrative cost charged by Alpha Beta for collection of Lagos IGR. Please, tell me where in this world you have tax collectors doing it for charity. Even our FIRS have big operational cost more than 30%.

Please, let’s engage our brains before we type or talk.

Have you asked why Fashola as Governor of Lagos State was the best Governor and he had been the Minister of Federal Republic for almost 8 years without power, mass housing and massive road construction nationwide???? Your answer lies in the solid foundations laid by Tinubu for the new Lagos. I was part of the Master Plan development for Lagos State developed by Jagaban during his sagacious Governorship that OBJ sought to destroy with all Federal Might!!!!!!!

The enduring legacies we are celebrating is built on Tinubu’s capacity to think, engage the right people to bring forth the dreams, staying behind to ensure fidelity with the plans to ensure implementation. For those who are too young to know the truth, for those with raging hatred for his successes, for those feeling hurt for termination of PDP 50 years and 1 Party State agenda and for the ingrate that couldn’t build their father’s home but bent on insulting our heroes (same they lied and denigrated Awolowo). These are some of his achievement:
1. Transformation of Lagos State Civil Service.
2. Transformation of public financial services and administration of Lagos State.
3 Transformation of lands bureau with Geospatial Technology.
4. Transformation of Lagos Area Boyz to Park Managers.
5. Transformation of Molue to BRT.
6. Transformation of Lagos Water Channels and Drainage Management.
7. Transformation of Traffic Management (LASTMA).
8. Transformation of Lagos Waste Management (LAWMA).
9. Transformation of Emergency Response (Lagos Ambulance Service).
10. Transformation of Lagos Environmental Management (LASEPA).
11. Transformation of Lagos Advertising and Billboards (Lagos Singnage Agency).
12. Transformation of Lagos State University.
13. Re-engineering of Lagos Transportation Systems.
14. Creation of numerous institutional structures to tackle various cityscapechallenges.
15. Development of modern railway for mass movement of passengers.
16. Development of Lekki Deep Sea Port.
17. Development of Eko Atlantic City.
18. Development of fourth mainland expressway (Lekki-Ikorodu-Ogun State Mega Expressway (plan)).
19. Development of Epe Airport (plan).
20. Development of Lekki Free Trade Zone (hosting the biggest industrial complex in Africa – Dangote Refinery).
21. Lagos Security Fund (now copied by Federal Government).
22. Neighbourhood Watch (Lagos Community Policing).
23. Improved salaries for Lagos State Workers.
24. Enabling environment for foreign businesses (international and locals).
25. Freedom to work and own landed properties in Lagos by everyone (this is almost impossible in some states);
26. Governance of all interest groups in Lagos (Yorubaman from other States, Igboman, Hausa man, Kanuri, Edo man, Niger Delta, Tiv, Igala etc.) the true definition of participatory democracy.
27. Identification of talents and skills, nurturing such to stardom.
28. Introduction of modern shopping-tourism experience with SHOORITES
29. Lagis State Judicial Reforms.
30. Lagos State Democratic Succession Plan for sustainable good governance.

And many more glorious achievements of Jagaban Bola Ahmed Tinubu most especially management of Political structures to produce above results that has been the bane of 3rd World Countries.

Truly, Tinubu is our hero of democracy and responsive governance.
Above and many more are verifiable FACTS.

By: Dr. Matthew O. Adepoju FGEOSON