The World Needs People who can proffer solution with technology – Dr Matthew




Key Stakeholders in Tertiary Institutions have been called to rejig their curriculum to fit into modern technologies. Dr Matthew Olumide Adepoju, made this clarion call while chatting with Journalists in Abuja yesterday.

Dr Matthew Olumide Adepoju, is the Ag. Director Strategic Space Application and the immediate past President of Geo-Information Society of Nigeria (GEOSON). He called on NBTE, NUC, Committee of Vice Chancellors and Rectors to rejig their curriculum to fit into modern technologies.

Emphasizing on the significance of technology in research he said, “If there is any generation that is blessed; it is this generation because during our youthful years, the easiest way to get information is from reading books. And you have to go to the library because it is not everyone has money to buy books. But today, with our smart phones you have access to information.”
Dr. Matthew maintained that things have changed and the world needs people who can proffer solution to problems. Those who acquired skills in ICT, Geo-Information, science, and businesses. Some of these can be achieved at the comfort of your home.
According to him, “ skill acquisition is rightly available. We have so many platform that offer so many programmes online. Some are either paid for or free. Any youths that wants to transform his life will take advantage of these opportunities.”
“Most of the youths spend 3 to 4 hours together on their phones; if they invest the time on skill and knowledge acquisition they will be transformed economically”

Dr. Matthew who stressed on ICT also said, “we need to redirect the energy of our youths to think about solution to our problem or productive thinking. We have arable land in Nigeria and we have not cultivated 10% of the land.”
“Geospatial technology is beneficial in agriculture. It will tell you the land characterization with economic value and potential in different soils because different crops requires different whether conditions, rainfall and soil types.”
“When we move into the stage where some other countries are already in now; robotics engineering and application, and artificial intelligence. It is well known they are using UFE in Dubai for transportation and taxi; moving from one place to another. Some western world are at the final stage of autonomous vehicles. Those things are not possible without accurate mapping of every features. This is the power of geospatial technology.”
“Geospatial technology is an offshoot space science technology and innovation and the bedrock of geospatial technology. It is a science that is built around the location precision, on the planet earth. The precision helps to manage resources especially the economy.”

Dr Matthew who said when we talk about the world being a global village means science has gotten all the dots also said whatever happens either in Africa or other continents.
In his words:
“Geospatial technology simply relays on mapping out every features on the planet earth taking characteristics or attributes of those features so that we can study the changes from time to time.
“Geospatial technology is vital in all facets of human endeavours. We have had the first, second, third and now fourth industrial revolution. This stage is powered by robotics, artificial intelligence, and new technologies that are offshoot. And geospatial technology is seated in the middle of all these.” Dr Matthew said.