BBNAIJA: Drama, tears in the air as Biggy swap house mates


Deji and Groovy

There is ongoing drama and tears in the air in the Big Brother house today August, 19th 2022, as Biggy swapped Deji and Groovy.


Deji was sent to level 2 while Groovy was sent to level 1. The house mates were all confused with lots of drama.

This drama took place as level 2 win wager for the week. Level 2 who have been loosing Head of House were excited once more.


Phyna who has bonded with Groovy broke out in tears and begged Groovy not to leave. But Groovy said he is afraid to tell Big Brother that he is not going.

Phyna quickly prepared refreshment for Groovy before he goes to level 1 and gave him a goodbye kiss.

Deji on arrival downloaded all the secret of level 1 to level 2. The level 2 house mates were all shock to learn about that.


On the other hand, Chichi and Adekunle had misunderstanding and abuse each other verbally. Chichi who had begun to bond with Deji before he left to level 2 said Adekunle mocked them before at the arena that their ship will soon sink. It took hours before the house mates settled there differences.



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