REV. Olurunmagba @ 50 Expresses satisfaction to God for the privilege of life

By Genesis ogiri

Nigerians on Friday showered encomiums on Rev. Emmanuel Olurunmagba the general overseer of Total libration Mission, Kaduna on his celebration of Golden Jubilee at the Nicon Luxury Hotel , Abuja.

Rev. Emmanuel Olurunmagba who recently turned 50 years , has expressed satisfaction to God for the privilege of life to serve Him and to serve humanity. He maintained that life without God is undervalue, useless and under use.

The president of the Total Libration Mission marked his Golden jubilee ( 50th Years ) celebration with the launching of the first book title: ” Africans are Blessed ” . The colour of my skin will not determine the colour of my life. He maintained that , Africans are Blessed beyond measure ! He says we should not be inferior to any humanity on earth, we are package and wire by God to be Blessed.

” we should not live the life of undervalue, man is projected by God to be impactful .he promised to contribute his quota to the development of African society and the world at large.

” He quoted according to the lord’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo, ” if you are not informed , you will be deformed. The book title has come ,to reveal who we are in Africa.

The celebrant is the dedicated man of many Colours, a soldier of God and the ministry base in Kaduna state, the humanitarian per excellence and a politician. His currently the National deputy Publicity Secretary of NNPP

The celebration featuring the cutting of birthday cake and the exhibition of cultural dancing.