*Insist on Leading Support for His Re-election Campaign

Members of Hon.Yusuf Capt.Buba Support Groups in Gombi and Hong Local Government Areas of Adamawa State have concluded plans to purchase the APC Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms for the Gombi/Hong Rep at the House of Representatives.

Leaders of the Support Groups,who revealed the above ,Wednesday,in a telephone message to the lawmaker’s office at the National Assembly Complex,Abuja,vowed to avail of their wide contacts and the burgeoning popularity of the Member of the Green Chambers,who they call “the bulldozer”, to raise the required resources to support his re-election campaigns.

One of the leaders of the harmonized support groups and a former Commissioner of Education as well as Water Resources in Adamawa State,Hon. Julius Kadala,who spoke on behalf of the groups,said the Support Groups had raised over N20,000 000 ( Twenty Million Naira)with which they hope to purchase the aforementioned forms and to undertake other campaign logistics.

He said it was in the culture of their people to reciprocate the good turns anyone has done to them, adding that the lawmaker has done so much for the people of his Constituency in the last seven years.
“Do not forget that Hon. Yusuf Capt.Buba in his first tenure,even before getting one Kobo from the National Assembly, commenced work at the Capt. Buba Industrial Village,Faci, in our Constituency to train our youths and women on different skills like welding,sewing, fabrication of farm tools, distribution of fertilizers and making of agricultural tools,sinking and maintenance of boreholes,ICT and so many other skills.

“Today,that place has trained over 10000 people. On his own alone ,with personal resources and equipment,the Member sank over 300 boreholes,at least,one for each of our 254 Polling Units of Gombi/ Hong Federal Constituency. What of the Hospital at Gombi North and periodic Free Medicare for our people? The Agricultural inputs to farmers,including fertilisers and improved seedlings; building of schools,award of scholarships and direct empowerment with cars , motorcycles,cash and starter-packs for graduands of skills training? What about the rebuilding of damaged homes,palaces and places of worship and the water projects and new roads?

“My brother,there is so much to talk about that Hon.Capt. Buba has achieved within this short period of his representation of our people in the House of Reps. We are not even talking of his Bills and Motions,one of which brought the Federal Medical Centre, Hong, into being.In fact,the list is endless. So, contributing to buy this form and undertaking parts of his campaign logistics,for some of us at the Constituency, remain the littlest we can offer in return for what Hon. Capt. Buba has achieved for our people these past few years of his membership of the National Assembly.”

Responding on behalf of the lawmaker,who was unavoidably absent,the Senior Legislative Aide to the lawmaker,Mr. Lawandy Bala,thanked Hon. Kadala and members of the Support Groups for the kind appreciation of the people of Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency of the impacts the lawmaker has made on the lives of the people in the area. While revealing that the re-election of the lawmaker would guarantee a higher position for an all-round inclusion in the activities and running of the House of Representatives,the Aide said such advantages that , usually,come with being a Ranking Member of Parliament everywhere in the world, would, surely,make Hon.Capt.Buba achieve more for the people of Gombi/Hong Federal Constituency when re-elected and promised to inform the lawmaker of the encouragement he was receiving from home.

You will record that the National Executive Committee meeting of the ruling APC held in Abuja on Wednesday set Saturday,April 23,2022 as a date for the commencement of sale of forms to aspirants wishing to express interest and contest in the 2023 General Elections. The sale of forms,from official communication from the Part,shall close on May 6,2022.

Nkem Anyata-Lafia
Special Adviser on Media and Public Affairs to Rt.Hon.(Dr.) Yusuf Capt. Buba
April 21,2022