SWAN FCT preaches, love, peace, tolerance at the Commemoration of Christ Death

In celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ this Easter period, Bunmi Haruna, chairman Sports Writers’ Association of Nigeria (SWAN) in FCT, wants all members to ensue unity, peace and tolerance which is the essence of this season.

“I appeal to every sports writer, let us rally each other and ensure that the wall of divide that has polarized SWAN is brought down. Without this little could be achieved,” Haruna said.

While pleading with the sports federations to imbibe unity and find a common ground to work towards achieving a common goal for the betterment of the sports.

“We urge individuals and groups engaged in all forms of infighting in the various troubled federations to stop for the love of the game. Let them table their grievances so that resolutions can be explored. We appeal to you all to give peace a chance.”

Haruna expresses gratitude to the sportsmen and women for their resilience and sacrifice in ensuring that Nigeria is ably represented in their various fields.

While urging the ministry of sports to do more for the sportsmen and women, he thanked the ministry of sports for their support so far for the main actors of in the sector.

“We appreciate the sacrifices being made by our athletes/coaches and urge Federal Ministry of Sports to do more to ensure the future of our young sports men and women is secured.”
Haruna, however, is pleading with the minister of FCT and minister of state to provide a far better sporting facilities than what is ground right now for the athletes in the state to perform better at events.

He is imploring the FCT minister to come to the aid of the state to show more commitment and support for the sector in other stop the poaching of great talents in the state by other states.

“We believe that our ministers can do more to deliver better sporting facilities and enabling environment for sports to strive in the capital. Our top athletes are being poached day and night by other states of the federation. The minister’s presence has been limited and close to none existence when it come to sports. The city needs her father to lead the way.”