SALIU Mustapha:-prepares to make a Difference

Cross- Sections of Hourable Members at the event

Saliu Mustapha (Turakin Ilorn ) organised special APC stakeholders parley today at the National Assembly Abuja.
Speaking on the occasion the Leader of the House Hassan Ado Dogua said, “the theme of the event is Saliu Mustapha declaration of interest to the office APC Chairmanship Abuja.
He stressed that Saliu Mustapha has contributed immensely in APC and should be shown love.
According to him,” Saliu Mustapha is energetic and young; he will deliver his mandate.
In his speech, Hon Saliu Mustapha promised to create a difference and make Nigeria proud. According to him, “APC will continue to lead with good example; if opportunity comes for me to be a team Leader; moving from one transition to another. There should be continuity in APC. We must find a way to support those who have led us this far.”
“We must continue to promote free and fair contest and consultation. It is not a sign of weakness rather it is a sign of strength. Once there is justice we can have a healthy party.
“I have to come to this Noble house to plead for your support so that we can strategize and win.
“We have looked at the criteria that will suit the party and choose the right person.”

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