By: Genesis Ogiri.

Dignitaries at the event

The First International Art Fair organized by the National Gallery of Art (NGA) in Collaboration with the Society of Nigerian Artistic ( SNA) on March 17 , 2022 has gathered at Cyprain Ekwensi Cultural centre Abuja , to celebrate , showcase and to present the World class Arts to the world. The lovers of Arts from different angle has represented at the opening ceremony. The event was slated to be a two days ceremony which attracted dignitaries from different ministries and agencies , it featuring cultural display and exhibition of arts.

The Honourable Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in his remark at the opening ceremony, described the move as the welcome development which will set a new standard in art marketing and patronage in Nigeria.

” He maintained that, the federal government is poised to make Art a viable venture. As the nation continues to diversify its economy and rely less on oil , the focus is on tapping the invaluable resources in the creative industry and tourism.

” He advised the citizens to be encouraged and see Art not as a vocation but as a Lucrative profession. Today programme is a building block to secure the future for our teeming youth.

” He says Nigerians , both young and old are bubbling with creative ideas and eager to showcase them at any given opportunity. Happily, NGA has been providing the platform to meet these aspirations.

The Director General National Gallery of Art, Mr. Ebeten William Ivara , expressed satisfaction for this step of action that will redeem the image of our dear Nation from failing in art and culture. He says art beautify the environment and it brings pleasure to humanity. He asked every participants at the occasion to take the language of art seriously and embrace it development in Nigeria. He said that NGA is working hard in conjunction with other sister agencies to see the needed development in short time.

While speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Mohammed Suleiman , president, Society of Nigerian Artists
expressed pleasure for this year international art Fair. This first day alone has present a world class and it has attracted international applaud . He said that ,”Art has put food in so many people’s table, .

” we have able to take people out of street , we have done so much to empower many and beautify our environments, because we have a workable structure.

The DG , National Council for Arts and Culture, Dr. Runsewe Otunba , who spoke on the Art and culture as the another get way of generating income and create economy advantage for the country. He urged the citizens to harness, promote and market the various Arts and Culture to the world .

” this year International art Fair will project the image of our dear Country, he added. Art, culture and tourism is the third earner after telecommunication and oil , he emphasized that country revenue will increase , if priority is on Art.

The Greenland News gathered from , prof. Jerry Buhari , the Lecturer from Almadu Bello University , Zaria. He disclosed that this first edition of International art Fair is capable of turning Nigeria to a National art festival like other country of the world in short time .

” this fair as humble as it is , has a capacity to expand Nigeria. He charged the the people to be consistence in display their cultures and art work and never to give up. Art is another sources of Revenue which can not be undermined. The love for art in Nigeria is fast growing, the Private sector is investing on Arts heavily . He pleaded with the participants to embrace art work in their daily schedule.

” He lamented that, the funding for Arts is small compare to the density and magnitudes of load it carries. He urged the federal government to increase the funding of Art. ” I think this exhibition will speak Laud! Art has bring the image of Nigeria out in all ramifications.

Dr. Simon Ikpronyi , expressed satisfaction about this 1st International art Fair which formally see the light of the day in the city of Abuja. He said art work has increase the economy of our dear Nation, seeing how many people have been taken out of street through the instrumentality of art work. It makes our environments to be beautiful.

He thanked the dignitaries for graced this year event . He took them through the exhibition tour and the ceremony was declared open .

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