Beneficiaries at the event

The Al- HABIBIYYAH Zakat and Empowerment Foundation celebrated 2022 Zakat day at the Islamic Centre in Abuja. The National Zakat Day , is a day Al- HABIBIYYAH Islamic society has set aside to raise crusade on the significant and important of Zakat and to encourage Muslim faithful to take the issues of Zakat seriously and to demonstrate fairness according to Islamic principle. This year celebration is timely with the theme “ZAKAT ” Pivot for Poverty Eradication.

Meanwhile, one hundreds and two people had received empowerment to mark this year Zakat Day. Many beneficiaries who confidently benefits from this program were given praise to Almighty Allah. The items distributed are as fellows: Grinding machines, sowing machines, Refrigerators, and Generators were the items distributed to the less privilege one. The cheque were given to the other group of people. The minimum amount is #50,000.00 and the Maximum amount is #100,000.00.

” The stakeholders and the dignitaries were seen handing over the items and cheque to the beneficiaries. The association showed love to both Muslim and Christian as Five Christian we’re among the beneficiaries of this year Zakat day.

While addressed the participants at the occasion, IMAN Fuad Adeyemi , the National Chief Imam of Al- HABIBIYYAH Islamic society , expressed satisfaction over the success of this year Zakat day. He says , all Muslim know that Zakat is one of the pillars in Islam . ” we are here today to raise awareness on the important of Zakat and to distribute to the needy ” .


According to him, “The concept of Zakat is revolutionary in nature to end poverty and Eradicate hardship, Social vices and insecurity in our dear Country. Poverty is the reason for uproar of instabilities!

” In compliance with Quranic injunction, ( AHZEF) we periodically collected and disbursed Zakat to selected beneficiaries since 2009. Since its inception, the foundation can claim the disbursement of over Sixty Million naira to various categories of people men and women without bias.

” this year theme is Zakat : pivot for poverty Eradication whicy come timely to address some questioning issue of hardship in Nigeria.

Mr. Adeyemi stressed that, Zakat served to reduce inequalities and Eradication of hardship. Zakat means growth, extension and purification. It is usually annual premium charged on all accumulated productive wealth and on a variety of agricultural produce.

He urged the Muslim faithful to take the issues of Zakat seriously to afford the centre financial strength to give back to the society.

In the same vein, Mr. Muhammad LAWAL Mai Doki , the guest Lecturer , who presented a paper on Zakat and Waqf as a pivot for poverty Eradication. Described poverty in Islam as a state where individual fails to fulfil the five basic requirements of life ( Religious practice, physical self, Education, offspring and wealth.

” He maintained that Zakat is one of the solution to poverty in our society. He advocated that charity should also follow Zakat to have a comprehensive relief from poverty.

” While delivery the lecture, he emphasized on strengthen the institution of Zakat and Waqaf . The two if implemented well , will no doubt play a major role in alleviating and reducing the burden on Islamic government in providing Health, Education and other socio-economic benefits in the society.

Mallam Lawal, recommended that institutionalization of Zakat and Waqf would be a strong foundations for sustainable development. This will help to attain equitable economic growth that will automatically reduce the level of poverty universally.

Speaking to Greenland News at the event Engr. Inuwal Musa , the Chairman of the occasion expressed pleasure to be part of this year Zakat day . He said that if every Muslim pays Zakat alleviation of poverty will be simple and easy. He therefore charged every genuine Muslim to give back to their creator.

Zakat payment is 2.5% which can be paid even in advance, he added.

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