High blood pressure affects one in three Nigerians and the ailment leads to other health issues such as heart attacks and stroke and these are one of the leading causes of death. Apart from medication, one can go for natural remedies and by improving lifestyle. For the unversed, doctors recommend that one should reduce the intake of salt and include vegetables and fruits more in the diet as they have a positive effect on the BP levels. One of the best ways to incorporate veggies and fruits is making a smoothie as it is easy to prepare, consume and are tasty as well


Important nutrients one should have if you are suffering from high BP are beta-carotene, lutein, cryptoxanthin, potassium and vitamin C. Some of the veggies and fruits which one should have are bananas, figs, nuts, seeds, papaya, berries, oranges, ginger, lemon, avocado, greens, beets, carrots, dates, guavas and tomatoes among others. Today we have compiled a list of five yummy and easy peasy smoothies which can lower your blood pressure.

1. Spinach-Banana smoothie
Spinach and banana are rich in potassium and many other nutrients. To prepare this smoothie, one needs nut milk, frozen banana, spinach, basil, beets and honey if required. Blend all the ingredients as per the consistency you like. One can also add a few ice cubes as well.

Strawberries-Flax seeds smoothie
Berries and flax seeds have required nutrients such as potassium and minerals & vitamins and that’s why this particular smoothie should be a must to tackle hypertension. To make this one, one has to blend strawberries, spinach, ginger and flax seeds and have once a day for effective results.

3. Pomegranate-Apple smoothie
Pomegranate is packed with vital nutrients such as potassium and antioxidants and the same help in combating BP. One can prepare this drink, by mixing the following ingredients: pomegranate juice, banana and apple. You can add more fruits and veggies as per taste.

4. Guava-Coconut smoothie
Potassium, Vitamin A and C and dietary fiber content in Guava makes it heart-friendly food which should in your diet if you are suffering from hypertension. Blend the following ingredients for a smoothie: unsweetened coconut milk, guavas (seedless) and fresh spinach. 

5. Beets- Ginger smoothie
Ginger’s active compounds and volatile oils and Beetroots’ antioxidants and other minerals can work wonders for high BP. For the recipe, you need beets, celery, blueberries, apples, ginger and garlic. Blend them for a nice smoothie.

Bottom line
Apart from having these drinks, one should also include any type of physical activity as well.