In the bid to further demonstrate the defining ideology of transparency, Accountability and Welfare for both workers and pensioners, the Kogi state Government has released her Financials for the year 2021.

The Commissioner of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, Asiwaju Asiru Idris, states that the new direction Government under Governor Yahaya Bello has made transparency, Accountability and efficiency in utilization of available resources, saying such tempo will be sustained in the quest to engender a better and greater Kogi state. Our financial management and Economic reforms is also yielding bountiful results in our bid to provide people oriented governance.

In the statement released, the sum of N9,859,560,923 was paid for pensions between January and November 2021, while the sum of N1,100,000,000 was paid for Gratuity between January and November 2021.

Social benefits or social transfers are transfers made in cash or kind to persons or families to lighten the financial burden of protection from various risk. The Kogi State Government under Governor Yahaya Bello is passionate about using the resources of the people for their collective good, which has been well demonstrated under the year in review. The sum of N10,366,920, 483 was paid last year for social benefit in the 2020 Audited Financial Statements to easy the financial stress and risk of the retired civil servants.Under the Expenditure of the state Government in the year under review, the sum of N25,572,872, 394 was paid for salaries and wages and N27,136,530, 459.10 stands as sum of Overhead Cost.

With the above expenditure highlight, Kogi State Government led by His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Bello has shown beyond mere words that the people will continually be at the centre of her governance process and decisions, which includes the vulnerable, pensioners and payment of Gratuity.

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