Bhaiya footwear for patients suffering from diabetic

Bright colours, bright lights and even brighter ideas come from Indian weddings. This was exactly the case for Vidhan Bhaiya, a Northeastern University graduate with a degree in chemical engineering. He was inspired to produce diabetic footwear when he learnt his uncle was suffering from diabetic.

The beginning of his diabetic footwear venture all started out at an Indian wedding he attended four years ago. He recalls his favourite uncle who, back then, was shuffling awkwardly. When he asked him why, his uncle told him he had diabetic neuropathy.

This condition damages nerves in the legs and feet. The lack of proper footwear kept him from enjoying festivities which is a travesty if you’re at an Indian wedding. 

Now, online retailers like Amazon, sell Dr. Brinsley shoes, produced by Bhaiya’s startup venture. In India, they’re sold at 85 hospitals and clinics along with countries like Singapore, South Africa, Bahrain, Colombia and soon to be more. 

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