Protests Rock the Street of Edo State as indigene reject Covid19 vaccination

There was heavy protest in Edo state today as the people refuted the Covid-19 vaccination. The people came out in mass to say ‘NO’ to the State Government by staging massive protest today in the state.

Speaking to the media, the coordinator for Freedom Ambassador Organization, Curtis Ogbebor, said the the State Government should focus on how to better the lives of citizens through various social amenities and job creation rather than imposing Covid19 vaccination on the people.

In his words:

if Governor Obaseki refuses to withdraw the purported Covid19 vaccination within 48hours, we will mobilise the entire State to bring down the government house and other government parastals.

In his contribution, the P.R.O of NIgeria Students and Youth Association, Osamudiamen Ogidi, said, they will mobilise people to shut down the Government House and other Government agencies if the state Governor fails to withdraw the compulsory Covid-19 vaccination. According to him, “no street lights in Edo State, we are in abject poverty, no enough food to eat and the Governor is telling us about Covid-19 vaccination.We the people of Edo State say ‘NO’ to the purported Covid-19 vaccination.

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