The Greatest Enemy of Man is “ignorance”:- Jim Oscar

Ignorance has been described as the greatest enemy of man. Jim Oscar made this known recently at the launching of his books in Abuja.

According to him, ” the greatest enemy of man is not Satan, neighbours or village poeple: rather it is “ignorance”.

Jim who said that the best friend of man is knowledge also said “we are acquiring knowledge through reading and removing ignorance”.

In his words:

“Be knowledgeable you will succeed. Many people do not want to read instead they focus on making money.

Reading makes you meet like minded people and that leads to success.

One of the law of success in my book says:”Quick money is a short cut to success”.

Jim who described reading as a very long process and the best also said it is an intellectual property.

According to him, “when you load poeple with books they will be forced to read it”.

He enjoined poeple to cultivate good reading habit instead of focusing on unwholesome entertainment.

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