Igbonine Socio-cultural Organization Condemns Sit-at-Home

Leaders in South East Nigeria have been called to consult themselves and determine how to end Sit at Home. High Chief Emeka Okonkwo, made this call at the Press Conference organised by Igbonine Socio-cultural Organization today in Abuja.

Chief Emeka Okonkwo, who is also the President General, Igbonine Socio-cultural Organization said, ” we call on all strata of Leadership in the South-East government of tiers, Religious Leaders, Ohanaze Ndigbo and it’s affiliates, Town Unions, Opinion and Community Leader, Traditional Rulers, village heads, and age groups to consult themselves and determine how to end this action of self immolation in Igboland.”

Members of Igbonine Socio-cultural Organization

He stressed that the Igbos should no longer sit at home but move out and pursue their daily businesses.

In his words:

“Sitting at home indolence and laziness are not part of Igbo culture. We are serious minded and enterprising poeple who took to create wealth for ourselves and society. We should go back to work to continue to develop the South-Easth and Nigeria at large.”

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