Coalition of Humanitarian Organization improving the well being of refugees in Nigeria and West Africa

Coalition of Humanitarian Organisation on Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDP’s) organised a one day Conference of Coalition of Humanitarian Organization for refugees and IDPS settlements in Nigeria and West African recently in Abuja.

Speaking with the Media, Dr JohnJohn Uket, President and Founder, Righteous Generation Church, Abuja and Vice President, Valley of Love Ministry Florida, USA (Project Lead) said, the conference is organized by a coalition of registered humanitarian organization committed to the improvement of the well being of refugees in Nigeria and West Africa.

Dr JohnJohn further states that the aim is to achieve an innovation and sustainable economic model of settlement for refugees and IDPS with culture.
He further said that Refugees represent a wide spectrum of people affected by humanitarian crisis spanning the emergency phase through to protect displacement crises.

According to him, “There are over 50 million displaced people in the world, there is a particular need to consider more sustainable solutions for refugees and displaced population.”

In her Speech, Queen Marie Antoinette Jean, said that the purpose of the event was to address major problem in Africa and the world at large.

in her words:

“This conference is a tool and a call for action for key stakeholders in the humanitarian space to redouble their efforts in crystallizing a more efficient and impactful ways of delivering long lasting solutions to the needs of refugees and IDPs

Queen Marie who pledge her allegiance to humanitarian action in Africa especially as the first Haitian-American decent to embrace an African culture, which is the desire of all Haitians. Also called on the international community to support Africa.

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