Swiss School of Business:- Honoured Dr Deji Bolusemihi

Swiss School of Business and Management, Honoured Dr Deji Bolusemihi with Swiss Golden Award recently in Abuja.

The Award was based on his good Leadership quality.

Chatting with Ofeoshi Peace, the Editor-In-Chief of the GreenLand News, Dr Deji Bolusemihi, said, ” I have delivered lectures online and offline and have been a faculty member since 2018.”

Dr. Deji who said it is a global event where different countries participate online also said many Professors and other intellectuals and technocrats delivered lectures in different Countries.

Cross-Sections of Awardees at the event

The Summit held simultaneously in Dubai and Abuja with global participants and audience has as its objective the promotion of innovation in education leading to an improved global education ecosystem, is also aimed at using education, science and technology as tools for sustainable development in Arab and African countries.

The World Education, Science and Technology Summit was organised by the International Summit of Leaders with the joint effort of the Swiss School of Business and Management and the Unicaribbean Business School.

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