Arsenal: Managerial tussle- who is the next Manager?

There is a Johan Cruyff influence in Erik ten Hag’s philosophy that is unavoidable. Of course there is going to be one, the connections almost implore it.

Hiring Arteta due to his successes under Pep Guardiola, the Spaniard, so far, appears to have inherited some of the less favourable traits of the Man City boss. Erik ten Hag, who was reserve team boss for two years under Guardiola at Bayern, instills some of the more enjoyable aspects of Cruyff and Guardiola’s style on his Ajax team.

With an emphasis on high-pressing, quick-passing and a possession-heavy brand of football, he, like Arteta, seeks to employ well scripted patterns of play in attacking areas that utilise his players’ best strengths, w-ith one key difference being the level of success that brings.

Tactically flexible, as demonstrated during the Dutch side’s Champions League ventures, he can shift focus to centralised attacking combinations as well as exploiting wide zones where two-on-one situations can be forged. Interchangeability across front positions makes for enticing viewing. Ajax are not boring.

Tottenham were swooping around his signature during the summer as they sought a replacement for Jose Mourinho, with Ten Hag eventually signing a new contract at Ajax tying him down to 2023.

A pay-out would be unavoidable but in terms of allure, the 51-year-old has won all their is to win in his homeland with a fresh challenge potentially in his mind. Would he have other suitors? No doubt.