Nigerian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (NAPRAS) and Nigerian Burn Injures Society (NBIS), organized the 26th NAPRAS and 14th NBIS Annual Conference recently in Abuja.
Briefing the Media on the theme of the conference, “Trauma and the Plastic Surgeon,, Prof. Jacob Ndas Legbo, President, NAPRAS said that trauma is a treatment burden and burns constitutes a major part of trauma.
Prof. Legbo highlighted the major causes of burns such to include the use of adulterated kerosene as well as adding fuel to a working generator which people do as a result of power outrage.
He also used the opportunity to explain why diabetic soft tissue infections are on the increase in the society.

In his words:
“Society is changing and becoming more westernized. People no longer take natural fruits. They have resorted to canned and refined foods. He further stated that because of reduced immunity in diabetes, controlling infection becomes more difficult, leading to death and defects which usually require the intervention of a Plastic Surgeon”.
Prof. Legbo who encouraged Nigerians to have confidence in themselves and the nation that things will get better and curb the current wave of brain drain.

Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Onah, a Plastic Surgeon and
NBIS President

Speaking with the GreenLand News, Dr. Ifeanyichukwu Onah, a Plastic Surgeon and NBIS President said they have been organizing online conference because of Covid 19 Pandemic last year.
Dr. Onah further said that the conference was organized to create awareness for burn care and prevent burn injuries. And also leverage on the things we can do to get burn care to increase.
According to him, “From this year’s conference we have seen that in 2 centers someone with up to 80% burn injuries have recovered. The presentation today show that more burncare facilities are being developed across the country. We want Nigerians to become more aware on how to prevent burns.”
“We thank the Federal Ministry of Education for permitting us to reach out to Secondary Schools across the country to educate them.

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