Theobarth Global Foundation reducing poverty and unemployment globally

Theobarth Global Foundation reducing poverty and unemployment globally

By: Peace Ofeoshi

Theobarth Global Foundation organised 1st Annual National Conference yesterday in Abuja. The conference which was geared towards eradication of poverty and Economic hardship via grants to quantify participants also emphasized on using the money judiciously to assist the needy in Nigeria.

Amb. (Dr.) Theophilus O. Ebonyi, Founder Theobarth Global Foundation

Briefing the Online GreenLand News, the Founder, Amb. (Dr.) Theophilus O. Ebonyi, said, the NGO’S aim is to wipe off poverty Globally and also has different Zonal Coordinators in the 36 States of Nigeria.

Dr. Ebonyi who encouraged eligible NGO’S and Cooperative Societies to apply for the grant and give to the less privilege in the society also said the grants was meant to assist the government to curb unemployment and poverty caused by the effects COVID 19 pandemic.

In his words:

“we have reach out to 774 local government in Nigeria. we have 2000 from each local government. We have gone round all the local government in Nigeria.”

Regarding NGOS or Corporatives that intends to embazzle grant meant for the poor, Dr Ebonyi said, ” you can not collect money meant for the poor and fly abroad. We have taskforce and monitoring agents to unearthed that. “

Buttressing on the importance of database and Registration Dr. Ebonyi said, “that is why you Register your organisation with us; we will do search to know the authenticity of the organization. If you listen to me very well I said some of the organization are no longer existing and should be updated.”

Theobarth Global Foundation which has so many partners also have affiliation with the United Nations and other organizations outside the country.

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