By: Peace Ofeoshi

Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON), holds 2021 Induction Ceremony of Newly Qualified Surveyors today in Abuja.
Addressing the Press on the significance of the induction ceremony, Kabir M. M. Registrar/CEO Surveyor Council of Nigeria (SURCON) says, “The profession is to build a better prosperous Nigeria by adding 309 new surveyors who will go and work in the industries for the benefit of the nation and for development of Nigeria as a great prosperous nation”.
In his words: “You must be a graduate in surveying or geoinformaties and obtain recognized subjects with the necessary qualifications. Also, Registration and Industrial attachment for 2year are essential as well as project defense.”

Surv. C. I. Nwabichie, Fellow Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON)

In his expression, Surv. C. I. Nwabichie, a Fellow of Surveyors Council of Nigeria (SURCON) said, “we are here for an induction of New Surveyors.
Naturally, I feel happy that we are bringing young ones in the Profession and those that meet the requirement are registered as Surveyors.
Addressing the influcks of quacks in the system, Sur. Nwabichie, said there is a process of handling them. Quacks are misrepresenting themselves; it happens in every profession. It is equally our duty not to allow them. If you are sick you don’t patronize roadside medicine dealers; you go to a medical professional.”

Surv. Saleh Ibrahim Gwani, mnis

Speaking on the significant of the induction Surv. Saleh Ibrahim Gwani, said “we are here for a very great occasion, induction of newly surveyors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”
In his words:
This organization is governed by rules and regulations of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. All aspects of surveying are being regulated by this council. Surveyors Council of Nigeria. They are the organizers of this event.”
“In Nigeria, before you become a surveyor, you must pass the examination and you will be issued a certificate.
Buttressing on the criteria for issuance of certificate, Surv. Saleh said, “you need to apply for this examination after two years; you will write the examination; both theory and practicals. When you meet the prerequisites of the Council, you will become a Surveyor.
Surveyor Saleh, added that every aspect of government needs surveyors as they are the backbone of every meaningful development

The event which converged captains of industries fellows of the council, as well as other members of SURCON, discussed ways to develop the economy of the country.